The third of the three R’s on your way to thriving through Empty Nest.

The first “R” I shared was to Re-Imagine. The process of asking yourself some key core questions that would set you on the path of reimagining what could be. Reimagining is all about the dreaming. Dreaming of all the things you can be, do and have.

The second “R” was Re-Defining.  Giving some thought to what is truly important to you.  I offered a list of 50 life values for you to consider.

You were to take the list of values(re-define) and revisit your dream list(re-imagine) and narrow down the dream list that fell into alignment with your values.

Now it’s time to Re-Connect!  Click the video below to learn more…

Who or what to re-connect with?

Based on the list you made from the Re-Imagine and the Re-Define exercises, how or what would be most helpful for you to connect with?

  • Yourself
  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your family
  • Old friends
  • Your community
  • An organization

Once you have this answered, it’s time to reach out and discover what is waiting for you.  If you are having difficulty figuring out where or how to begin here is a great question to ask yourself:

Who is doing what I want to do?

Once you have the answer to that question, reach out to that person and ask for a meet up. People love to talk to others interested in what they are doing.  If they have a blog, follow their blog, follow them on twitter, learn from them so you will have a better sense of where and how you can begin.

If after you ask that question you are still wondering, NOW WHAT? WHAT’S NEXT FOR ME? I Would encourage you to join our Moms Who Dare Community.

Moms Who Dare are moms daring themselves to have some fun, to step out of that comfort zone of mommyhood (yes, I made this word up) just for a moment to discover what the possibilities are now that the kids are leaving home.  We are a community built just for moms to connect and bond over one of the biggest life transitions a mom can and will experience, EMPTY NEST.

How can you join:

Click here to join on line through Facebook

Click here to join the Moms Who Dare Meet Up group. We will be meeting the first Wednesday of each month, beginning March 1st!

And if you are serious about figuring out what’s next for you or how to go about taking that first step toward turning your focus back on yourself, then let’s chat!

Click here to schedule a one on one mom to mom chat.  It’s what I do, I help and support moms begin this journey for themselves so they actually enjoy it!  Yes, you can enjoy the empty nest phase of life!





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