Vision Board Workshop 2023


Dream it! Feel it! Create it!

The must attend event for anyone who’s ready to discover her purpose and create the life of her dreams NOW!

Learn how to use VISUALIZATION as a powerful tool to MANIFEST all you DESIRE! Begin to live your life with purpose on purpose


Hosted by Jodi Silverman​

Speaker & Founder of:

What you get!

Full day to focus on YOU and YOUR DREAMS


A coach, that’s me✌️, to help you gain clarity and set intentions


A Guest Speaker: Clarissa Castillo Ramsey who will share her 5 Steps to manifest your dreams and goals


The full complete steps and time to create your board.


Understand how to use your board as a powerful manifestation tool. 


Saturday, January 14th
10:00 am -3:30pm est. Zoom Video

Get Clear

The morning we will focus on your intentions, goals and dreams.
Learn exactly what intention means and how you can use it to gain clarity.

12 noon Break for Lunch

Create & Share Your Vision

The afternoon will begin with a visualization meditation and the opportunity to learn more about this powerful tool from our guest expert.
Then the party begins.
We create our boards together.
Before you leave you'll not only learn ow to use your boards to manifest your dreams you get to share your board with the group.
A powerful part of creating a board is sharing it with the universe and others.

I’m usually asked why I make such a big deal about getting clear?

Because, when you get clear it means:

This will be my 6th year hosting a Vision Board Workshop, so I know it works. AND so do those who have attended in the past.
Check out what April has gained from our workshops.

April was one of my first Vision Board Attendees and has been vision boarding ever since.

April shared that before finding The MWD Communities, she knew she was ready for something different, to do things for herself. She was just unsure how and where to begin. Like most moms, she was not used to asking “What do I want? What do I want to do for myself?”  


The first event she ever attended was a Vision Board Making Workshop.  Being a visual person, creating a vision board of the things she dreamt of doing helped her keep focus and make things happen. This coupled with having Jodi and a community of moms supporting her, April has gone on to do many of those things on her board.  The bonus: this has strengthened her sense of self and her connection to her family.

Grab Your Seat Now



The Real Reason Resolutions DON’T Work and Making a Vision Board DOES.

Resolutions feel like a demand.  Like a chore,  something you SHOULD change but are not yet ready to change. 

Resolutions require you to go from zero to 100 in a day, and guess what, you’re just not built for that. 

Change takes time.  

Tamara Levitt, head of content for the Calm Meditation app says it perfectly: “The belief behind creating resolutions suggests that we have to change or “solve” something in our lives, that we aren’t good enough, that we need to be fixed.”

✓ When you attend a vision board workshop you aren’t resolving to fix anything. You begin by getting clear and setting intentions, and that is the game changer, INTENTIONS.


✓ When you set clear intentions, it’s usually the start of letting something go that is not working for you in order to make room for something else that will work for you.


✓ It’s about creating awareness around what you want, visualizing and taking  inspired action toward achieving it.  


The board helps to keep your intentions front and center in your sight and in your subconscious mind so when you find yourself off course you can easily get back.

How do I know?

I know a thing or two about the power of visualization. CLICK the photo of the house ➡on the right. 

Hear my short story about how visualization landed me in my dream home in my dream neighborhood over 22 years ago!

Just $111
To Create and Manifest your Dream Life!
Aren't you worth it?

Need more reasons to say YES to attending this year's workshop?

Mary Beth knows!

This is my view as I sit on my desk!! My white board with my monthly goals mapped out and just above that I have my vision board (that I mounted/framed)! Keeping me focused on my dreams!!! Thanks to Jodi for a fantastic workshop that gave me that vision.

As someone who has made her own Vision boards (and manifested some amazing results!), I’ve learned it’s more than just slapping a picture onto a poster board. It’s about first getting clear on your authentic life, letting go of what’s in the way- and then clearly connecting with your dreams while designing a vision that calls to you! (It’s a priceless process)


Eileen came to our Vision Board Workshop TWO YEARS IN A ROW!

 Why, because she knows that with each new year brings growth and shifts. 

Hear it from her! She shares how she uses her board to help stay focused and manifest her dreams


Here's what you can expect:

Saturday Morning
10 am -12 noon est

🌟 We will set our intentions
🌟 Get clear with some powerful yet simple clarity exercises 🌟 Begin the process of mapping out what you would like your Vision Board to represent

12:00 noon - 12:45ish pm : Lunch break

Saturday Afternoon
12:45 pm- 3:30 pm est.

🌟 Recap what we learned in the AM briefly
🌟 A guided visualization/grounding exercise to get you in the proper mindset to begin creating your board.
🥳Music and creating the boards together.
🌟 There will be time for some sharing of your boards before we dare on.

"Visulaization is Day Dreaming With A Puprose!"
-Bo Bennett

It's YOUR turn to start Day Dreaming Again!

✔︎ Full day in community with like minded women.

✔︎ 2- Coaches to support you and to help you fully understand what manifesting is and how to use it for yourself.

✔︎ A clarity workbook, which you can use over and over again.


Saturday, February 14, 2023

10am-3:30pm est.


Are you ready to Make it happen in 2023? 

Meet Jodi Silverman, Founder, Moms Who Dare

Jodi Silverman is an author, certified life coach, speaker and entrepreneur, with a 20 year track record of transforming ideas into success.


Jodi believes that “Living Your Daring Life,” challenging ourselves outside of our comfort zones, is the most direct route to fulfillment. She has inspired thousands of women around the country to live their own daring lives through her Moms Who Dare®Membership Community, In The Nest™ with Jodi show and as a Professional Speaker.


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