This concept of turning my focus inward has been popping up all around me.  Funny how this happens, huh? You know what I am talking about. One day you decide you will buy a new car, maybe it’s an Toyota Camry.  All of a sudden every car around you is an Toyota Camry.  Now we all know they have always been there, however, now that you open up the possibility or idea of acquiring one, you actually take notice.  Same concept here.  Once I was open to the idea of turning my focus inward, realizing that this was not about me being selfish or self indulgent, but rather a benefit for me,  opportunities started presenting themselves.

Here are just 3 of those opportunities:

  • First I was introduced to the world of coaching through my networking marketing business and quickly decided I wanted and needed these skills. I enrolled in a coaching school, Life Purpose Institute, about a year ago and soon discovered that in order to become a coach it was imperative that I begin with looking at myself and being coached myself. This was the very first time that a class of any kind was about turning the focus on me.  Coaching is all about believing that we are in possession of the answers to who we are and what we want to be, do and have. It’s just that sometimes it gets buried so deep inside, because we take care of everyone and everything else first, that we lose sight of how to figure it out and require some coaching in order to bring it forth.
  • Next I was invited to take a vacation for four days to a place called Canyon Ranch, in Lenox, Massachusetts. Talk about turning the focus inward, it’s what this place is all about! Those four days were so enlightening and again reinforced how by turning my focus on myself I was able to regain the clarity I craved in order to move forward with the goals I had set for myself back in January.  Now, back at home, I am more relaxed, feel less stressed resulting in being able to focus my attention more fully on my family, friends and with growing my businesses.
  • Thirdly I was asked by my dear friend and Chief Curiosity Officer of Courage to be Curious, Adina Laver, to collaborate on her podcast, Courage to be Curious, Wonder Your Way to Brilliant. After saying yes, we discussed what the main objective of this podcast would be and guess what it is?  “To engage in dialogue that repeatedly grants permission and reinforces the imperative of making ourselves the object of our curiosity.”  I know, OMG, the universe does bring forth to us what we are ready, willing and open to receiving.
  • Finally, this past Mother’s Day, I was at my great nieces baby naming. As I was standing in a circle with my family staring in awe and wonder at this small, beautiful new addition to our family, the Rabbi offered a blessing.  Within this blessing, she referenced a commandment I am sure you are all familiar with.  She touched baby Isla’s foot and said…

“May you love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

She went onto say, directly to Isla, “that in order to fulfill this commandment you must first learn to love yourself, because without self-love how can you offer it up to others?” This was a powerful moment for me, again, re-affirming how necessary it is to begin working on ourselves by looking inward in order to bring forth to others.

It was at Canyon Ranch, that it all began to unravel and reveal itself to me.  I was choosing me as the object of my curiosity, and by doing so people and opportunities were walking into my life and I will be forever changed for the better because of them.

Is it starting to make sense?

Is it seeping in?

Can you see how this very important act of turning your focus inward will help direct and lead you toward your true authentic and brilliant life?

I want to be clear about what it is I am saying and Adina says it best…

“To allow ourselves to become the object of our own curiosity is not selfish or a self indulgent act, but rather a way for each of us to bring forth our own brilliance in order to contribute to our work, our family, our friends and the world.” –Adina Laver

Women, men have an easier time with turning their focus inward.  It’s just a fact.  We are brought up and maybe it is a natural woman thing (I am not an expert) to put everyone and everything before our own needs, wants and desires.

I am asking you; no I am inviting you to try something new.  You don’t have to change your life or uproot everything you have built or believe in order to do what I am suggesting.  What I am recommending is not simple but powerful; ask yourself your very own game-changing question.   It does not have to be philosophical or deep, just a question that will get you started on looking inward so you can begin your journey of discovering your brilliance and then watch how it starts to spread to others.


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