Spring is a Time of Rebirth, Transition & New Beginnings in both our lives and in our business.


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We had a blast at our sold out event in Newtown. We raised $500 
Thank you to everyone who DARED to say yes and participated in the AR Workshop Fundraiser DIY class.
A portion of everyone’s registration was donated to our team (Sister Studios)  for Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Reach & Raise Event in Philly next month.

For anyone who would like to donate to our team, just scroll down and you can check out how.


I hope you are enjoying the Rediscover YOU Journal Prompts.  The goal is to help and guide you on your self-discovery journey of all you want to Be, Do & Have in your life. Beginning in May, the RDY journal prompts will only be available to moms who have purchased the downloadable journal. If you would like to continue your Journaling Journey, you can purchase the complete Journal for just $7 HEREOR you can receive it for FREE as one of the many gifts, when you join the Moms Who Double Dare Membership Community on May 1st! (The Journal will be emailed to you as a Printable PDF and can be used over and over again as your life shifts and transitions occur.)

What? You did not hear about the exciting and daring transition happening for the Moms Who Dare?  Click here to listen to last week’s FB Live announcement. You will not want to miss this!

Here is the April REDISCOVER YOU IN 2018 Journal prompt.

Centering thought : My heart know the answer. – Deepak Chopra



Keeping with the spirit of New Beginnings, how about some Spring Cleaning. Nope, I’m not talking about your closets or your kitchen junk drawers, I am talking about your self-Talk.  Begin with YOU! Start Spring, 2018 with a DARE to clean up your Self Talk and pay attention to how much happier you begin to feel!

Self-Talk Dare of the Month!
Write down 5 things that describe you, by using the words
I AM___________________
Keep it positive and present. Not something you wish to be, by what you are, then DARE to say them out loud twice a day for 21 days!
Example: I am smart. I am funny.

RSVP required for all events for planning purposes


MOMS WHO WINE Night Out in Ambler, PA!
5pm-8pm EST

Wine Tasting-Shopping-Giving Back…OH MY!
Check out the Facebook Event for more info.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of One Hope Wine products will be donated to the Mattie N Dixon Community Cupboard.

Moms Who Wine® Zoom Connect
Meet Jodi, founder of Moms Who Dare, and other moms from your community.  A casual online meet up to share and chat together, mom to mom!

To keep up with our Spring Clean Up Theme, we continue our conversation around how to build self-talk awareness and resilience.

-NO makeup required
-PJ’S a must
-Wine, Coffee, Tea or Smoothie welcome

Register in advance for this meeting, this is for me to know who is coming, you will not be added to any mailing lists. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Moms Who Dare Workshop & Meditation in the Salt Cave
Not literally a cave so no claustrophobia here.
2pm-3:30pm | $45 per person
To reserve your spot, call : 610.222.2133

During this time together, Jodi will share a short-guided meditation from Deepak Chopra and then we will begin the process of cleaning up our self-talk to answer this question, Who Am I?

Halotherapy is a drug free and completely natural treatment with no side effects. It takes place in a dry, sterile, and  hermetic environment that recreates  a natural microclimate identical to  ancient salt caves and salt mines.


The first time I read this slogan, I knew it would be the one I would choose for this years, Moms Who Dare Shirts to help raise money for METASTATIC BREAST CANCER.

Look cute, feel empowered and do good. It’s a win, win win!

Click below and order your shirt before April 23rd. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancers Sister Studios Team for their annual Reach and Raise Event – Moms Who Dare is part of the Sister Studios Team.

You can also join our team for LBBC’s Annual Reach and Raise Event, being held on May 20th on the Philadelphia Art Museum Steps. Just imagine how cute we will all look in our shirts.

Click this link to view my team page and discover why this organization means so much to me.

You can purchase your very own shirt or tank here.


Moms Who Double Dare Membership Site

What’s this all about?
It’s all about YOU! Taking our community of moms to the next level in order to continue our journey of discovering all we can be as moms and as women during the life transition of empty nest.

This I know for sure…
There is not just one phase of empty nest, there are many, and with each phase, feelings of disconnection sadness and loss can resurface. It’s through your Moms Who Dare Community that you can find new and fun ways to embrace and live through these phases and thrive. The launch of our new membership site is happening in order for me to bring you more opportunities for support, growth and adventure. Our community is a stress-free place to connect, share, thrive and embark on new adventures all planned just for you. So, when you are ready to DARE to say yes, you just show up!

Click here to check out more details and then, mark your calendar for our FB Lives in our Current Moms Who Dare FB page. You won’t want to miss being able to become a founding members of Moms Who Double Dare!

Wednesday, April 8th, 8pm EST
Wednesday, April 25th, 8pm EST

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