Hi, I'm Jodi Silverman

The inspirational keynote speaker known to shift mindsets & Limiting beliefs with positive high vibes

Hi, I'm Jodi Silverman

The inspirational keynote speaker known to shift mindsets & Limiting beliefs with positive high vibes

Image of Jodi Silverman, founder of Moms Who Dare and the Moms Who Double Dare Membership.

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Want to add serious WOW-factor to your next event?

Then we need to talk.

An event experience is only as memorable as the people behind it.

And that includes the speakers!

What makes a STANDOUT event is:

🎉 The energy we, as speakers, bring to your stage

🎉 The mindset shifts we generously share with your audience

🎉 The connections we spark with each and every person in the room

It’s a skillset I’ve perfected over the past 8+ years as a Mindset, Happiness & Empty Nest Life Coach speaking on stages, podcasts, webinars and conferences everywhere.

If you’re on a mission to help your audience show their mindset gremlins the door…
…then I’m the keynote speaker to inspire your attendees to DARE ON!

Client Love

Some of my speaking engagements

So you see what's possible


Topics that light me up (and your audience)

Dare On To What's Next

From empty nest to a full and daring life

The perfect audience:

Midlife moms looking to transition to the next, most fulfilled chapter of their lives.

What we’ll explore:

  1. How to become aware of your thoughts and beliefs so you can discover and action your next move
  2. The 2 mistakes that could be keeping you feeling stuck without purpose (and how to overcome them)
  3. The 3 types of fear and self-talk, and how to deal with them as the kids leave the nest

The tangible takeaways:

5 simple, yet powerful, strategies your audience can implement immediately to find new meaning and purpose so they can step into their most daring life yet.

Image of Jodi Silverman - speaking opportunities (Dare On To What's Next)
Image of Jodi Silverman sitting on a couch - speaking opportunities: Dare On To Be Happy From The Inside Out

Dare On To Be Happy From the Inside Out

Making your midlife the best chapter yet

The perfect audience:

Midlife women looking for new perspectives on happiness and a path towards fulfillment in this transitional chapter of their lives.

What we’ll explore:

  1. The foundations of building our inner state of happiness
  2. The MANY things that could be robbing you of your happiness
  3. Your secret weapon to move through fear and begin discovering your best life

The tangible takeaways:

Practical tips & strategies to help your audience shift the 3 key elements currently holding them back from true happiness in midlife: Mindset, self-talk and the communities they’re a part of

Dare On To To Make Your Dreams A Reality

A keynote and vision board workshop experience to help you dream BIG

The perfect audience:

Direct sales teams who want to shift fears and mindset hurdles for more success and dream results.

What we’ll explore:

  1. The fears every person in direct sales experiences and how to overcome them
  2. The foundation for your success: Where it begins and how to build on it so you never give up
  3. The powerful tool to support you in turning your dreams into reality
  4. How visualization can help you manifest your deepest why
  5. The mindset shifts & secret formula behind my direct sales success, and how you can do it too

The tangible takeaways:

Your audience will find out what’s been keeping them from reaching their dream results and walk away with a clear vision of what’s possible (and how to get there!).

Jodi Silverman standing with arms out. Available for speaking opportunities to speak about daring on to make dreams a reality (Moms Who Dare)

Attendee Love

Booking me for your event comes with perks

Some pretty special ones!

Inviting me on to your stage means:

👍Promotion of our collaboration across my marketing channels for extra exposure for your event

👍 An ABSOLUTELY unique angle for your niche, industry & audience so my talk is hyper-relevant and inspires action

👍 Accessible, inspiring and uplifting real-life topics that hook your audience right from the start and take them on an emotional journey until the penny has dropped… ready to take REAL action!

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