With her distinctive humor, compassion and high energy, Jodi Silverman creates a lasting connection with her audiences. Jodi’s inspirational keynotes address topics that matter to parents today; raising independent children, overcoming obstacles, and dreaming big. Jodi customizes each program to the needs of your audience

It’s Your Turn Now. How to Thrive in Empty Nest.

  • Redefining empty nest for the mom who dares!
  • Jodi’s 3 steps to thriving in empty nest.
  • How to deepen relationships with your independent children.
  • Create your own DARE plan for dreaming big in empty nest.

Harnessing Positivity to Get What You Want.

  • Overcome negative self-talk so you can realize your dreams.
  •  How to identify the whats, whens and whys behind negativity.
  • Jodi’s 21-day system for catching and correcting negative self-talk patterns.

The Secret to Raising Independent Kids.

  • The surprising parenting tool that will prepare you and your kids for a successful transition to college.
  • Five questions every parent needs in their parenting toolbox.
  • The secret that will fundamentally improve conversations with your children forever.

Jodi’s signature keynotes and events are perfect for:

“After I heard Jodi Silverman speak, I realized how many times a day I doubt myself. Jodi’s strategies for turning negative self-talk around were amazing!
Jen Coatsworth
Attorney at Margolis Edelstein
Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Bar
Association Women in the Profession