My life has been and always will be an evolution, however, the one thing that has always stayed true to me is daring to play all in. All in life, marriage, raising kids, work, my friends, and with myself.

I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and turning opportunities into success. From authoring a book with my mom for moms, to becoming a certified life coach, to speaking on stages with 30-300 people in the room, I have learned quite a bit about myself and the life I want, now that empty nest is upon me.

What drives me more than my kids, is sharing all I have learned along this journey with other moms. I want moms everywhere to realize how special and amazing they are both in their mom space and their woman space. I easily connect with your audience because I share real-life experiences with the humor required to not take life too seriously that we forget to dare have fun.

My focus is on empowering moms to figure out what’s next for them as they encounter life changes. Life should be a whole-hearted experience and I am on a mission to DARE moms to reconnect to self, to dream again and to live purposeful lives.

It is because of all of this that I am passionate about connecting with women. From the online and offline communities of Moms Who Dare™, to speaking to moms and women organizations across the country, connecting with you and cheering you on as you dare to play all into your new life; this is what I was meant to do.

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As a Motivational Speaker, Jodi's popular topics include:

Three Steps to Create YOUR Daring Life.

Making Space for You!


As your MC, Jodi brings her high energy and improv skills to keep the event moving and the audience engaged.

Rates and topics will be customized for your event.

Jodi Silverman

How to Create a Daring Life as an Empty Nester!

(This one is all for MOM!)

The most important and impactful job for many women, is that of being mom. Investing eighteen plus years helping her kids grow into competent, independent young adults takes lots of  love, sweat and tears.  Sometimes it means putting her dreams and goals on the aback burner.  The problem is when her kids are ready to leave the nest, mom wondering...NOW WHAT?

Learn The Three Steps that can lead you to Creating a Daring Life and answering that nagging question...NOW WHAT?

Let Jodi not just inspire the empty nest and soon to be empty nest moms at your event, but share real world advice on how to deepen their relationships with their kids while REDISCOVERING their relationship with themselves.

Presented in a keynote, 90-minute training, or half day workshop-Empty Nest. This is perfect for the Moms who are ready to shift some of the focus that has been on their kids all of these years back onto themselves in order to play full out in their lives while their kids do the same.  It's about creating your own personal DARE plan!

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Making Space for YOU!

How to create a mindset shift after years of putting everyone first.

It all begins with our Self-Talk.

(Jodi's most sought after talk/workshop)

Let’s get real, sometimes the way we “speak” to ourselves is not something we would share with others.  The most powerful conversations we can have are the ones with ourselves.  As with any conversation, the outcome will depend upon what words are used and the meaning they convey.  According to researchers on self-talk, most of us are not even aware of what we are telling ourselves and how it impacts our ability to live into our full potential.  Our self-talk has a direct impact on our relationship with ourselves, our children, our careers, our happiness and our confidence.

This interactive talk/workshop is Jodi’s requested most. Why?  Because she dares your audience to step into their greatness and play all into the adventure that should be their lives. Jodi gets down to the what's and the why's behind the negativity  and gives clear, easy ways to take action for your audience.

Because this isn't just a “chat” to Jodi, she has created a 21 day challenge to help women make true, long lasting change. Jodi is committed to your event audiences loving their lives both in the world as well as in their minds.

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Jodi Silverman


The one shift to best prepare our children- and ourselves- for when they leave for college.

During this chat, Jodi shares the #1 shift parents must make, beginning during the high school years (earlier if possible)... that of shifting from Fixer to Coach! She will take your audience through real life scenarios and equip your audience with her top 5 questions every parent must have in their parenting tool box.  She will also share the #1 question, when asked, will change the way your conversations are with your children, friends and family!

Jodi doesn't just come and lecture, she engages your audience so that your parents leave with real tools and strategies they can implement immediately.

This talk is perfect for any group that consists of Moms with kids in High School. High School PTO's, High School Guidance Workshops etc.

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“Jodi's presentation was really insightful.  I like to think of myself as a relatively confident person, but after I heard Jodi speak, I realized how many times a day I self-doubt.  In the second week since Jodi's presentation, I implemented her positive messaging strategy and it helped!  My negative talk shows a significant decline!  Thanks Jodi...your work is truly helping women, your practical strategies for Self-talk clean-up works...and we had a great time learning them!"

Jen Coatsworth
Attorney at Margolis Edelstein
Co-Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association Women in the Profession Committee


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