Dare on

Looking for your next enthusiastic, inspiring AND fun speaker? Invite Jodi to your next event.

Dare with Jodi

“What we believe we become and we create.”

– Buddha

Looking for your next enthusiastic, inspiring AND fun speaker? Through her keynotes, workshops and yes, even as an Emcee, Jodi will share and support you in how to:

Step into and Start Creating Your Most Daring Life Right Now!

Jodi makes living your best life fun. There’s no sitting around making excuses or wondering what life will bring you next. Through her own journey of facing fears and limiting beliefs Jodi shares the strategies that have helped her reinvent , reenergize and reclaim her true self. From sales professional, to entrepreneur, to life coach and community builder, Jodi will not just motivate you into action she will DARE you On to fully embrace any season of life, personally or professionally.

Jodi gives permission for women to DARE ON!

To step into their authentic lives and fully embrace all that they are today.

Dream Big.

Choose Your Talk

Dare to be happy

You CAN have more happiness in your life right now.

In this keynote you’ll learn:

• the 5 strategies and tips, when practiced can lead to increased happiness and confidence.
• the #1 thing that you must do to make happiness a habit.
• the #1 reason why happiness eludes us.

Wondering how it was she was able to feel joy and happiness in the face of adversity and loss, Jodi began looking into the science of happiness and optimism.  Realizing what she had been learning and practicing for 10 years was the key to learning how to be happier and more optimistic, she has made it her mission to share and support women in making their midlife chapter the happiest one yet.

Dare to Dream

Dare to create the life you desire and deserve right now.

In this keynote or workshop I’ll share:

• the three obstacles keeping you stuck. Yes there are three!
• the tools and strategies to help you move from stuck to taking action.
• A simple yet powerful exercise that you can use over and over again when life happens.

Dare to manifest your best life

What’s your one thing ,that if you achieved, would have you feeling fulfilled?

This is Jodi’s Signature Visioning Workshop and Includes:

• A one hour, ½ day or full day workshop
• Printable workbook
• A guided meditation/visualization
• An interactive group setting to share, inspire and support one another.

Jodi as EMCEE

• Just the right amount of enthusiasm for your audience.
• Humor to keep the energy right where it belongs.
• Adaptable and quick on my feet (whether the mic breaks or the power goes out, I’ve got you covered).
• I understand the importance of a great introduction and know how to deliver it

Who is Jodi

Jodi Silverman is a mom, author, certified life coach, speaker and entrepreneur, with a twenty year track record of transforming ideas into success.

Jodi believes that “Living Your Daring Life,” challenging ourselves outside of our comfort zones, is the most direct route to fulfillment. She has inspired thousands of women around the country to live their own daring lives through her Moms Who Dare® Membership Community, In The Nest™ with Jodi show and as a Professional Speaker. 

When not engaging and creating experiences for her community, Jodi enjoys reading, tennis and hanging out with her family, AND if there happens to be a firepit and a nice cocktail involved, even better.

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