Did you know that...


Life likes to throw curveballs at us from time to time

And it's up to you and your mindset how you deal with them

You can go into victim mode…
…and let them pull you down.

Or you can step up and tackle them head-on…
…because you know how to adapt to tricky situations and midlife’s challenges.

I know which I would prefer!


Self-Talk Clean-Up

The FREE 7-day mini challenge to grow your confidence, increase your happiness and improve your relationships with resilience by your side.

(with only 5 conscious minutes of your time each day)

Hi, I'm Jodi Silverman

Speaker, Mindset & Happiness Coach and Chief Dare Officer at Moms Who Dare®

My personal midlife transformation began with a bunch of YESes

And the question: Is THIS enough?

Along the way, I quickly realized that how I experienced this transitional phase of my life had NOTHING to do with my existence as a mom, wife or business owner.

It had EVERYTHING to do with me as a human being.

What followed was an incredible journey of self-discovery that led me to where I am today.

Since then, I have supported thousands of women to turn their midlife chapter into a full and daring life.

Now, let’s set you up for success so you can start addressing the limiting beliefs standing between you and your most amazing life.
Image of Moms Who Dare and Self-Talk Clean-Up founder Jodi Silverman. She is wearing a denim jacket and a black t-shirt that says in gold writing: "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"

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What others have to say?

Let's hear from fellow empty nesters who took the mini challenge before you.

Image of Jodi Silverman Moms Who Dare Empty Nester Mom Harriet Coren Winokur who completed the Self-Talk Clean-Up challenge.

"I noticed something interesting when I was writing my seven I am statements: I got really clear on some of my values, such as kindness and integrity. That alone made it worth writing the list.

Also, almost all things that are within my control, things that I can be, and even aspire to do better."

🎉 Harriet Coren Winokur

Image of Shari, a student who completed Jodi Silverman's Self-Talk Clean-Up challenge (as part of Moms Who Dare)

"I am noticing how much inner talk actually takes place in my head!!! Just being aware helps to stop b/c I am able to react with a more positive statement rather than letting it lie in my subconscious to fester. Seems so simple but really works.

🎉 Shari Kwatny Allman

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