Happy New Year!



Let’s make a resolution to get rid of our Mom Guilt.

For many of us, our kids came home for a much needed winter break from school and much needed family time for mom. Now, after just a short 4-6 weeks they are off again to finish up another semester at school or maybe they just went back to their lives. Whichever it is for you, it’s okay to be glad they came and glad they left. NO GUILT REQUIRED!

If you think about it, this feeling of needing a break with your kids and then wanting the break from your kids has been a regular occurrence since they began Kindergarten. I  can see you saying, “ no it hasn’t.”

Yes, it has. Think back to when they would have winter vacation and you were so happy to have a break from dragging them out of bed, packing their lunches and monitoring their homework. Then after that week was over you were just as eager to get back to your regular schedule again. Empty Nest is no different. Just because you are ready to get back to your new normal does not mean you love your kids any less. DITCH THE MOM GUILT, turn the music up loud on your Echo and dance around your house as if no one is watching…because no one is!


This week I started our brand new Rediscover YOU In 2018 journaling program! In case you missed the big announcement you can watch the video on Facebook in the pinned post. But the short recap is this – every month I will give you 1 journaling prompt that I want you to think about and write about for the entire month. You can spend 5 minutes writing or you can spend hours each day, it’s up to YOU! My desire is you will spend time with yourself, rediscovering who you truly are, especially during this season of your life. Join me and many other moms as we DARE to Rediscover ourselves in 2018. Here’s the link to grab the amazing journal I created just for this journey. You can absolutely participate without the journal but I think it makes it so much easier to have all your thoughts in one place. You’ll get a new prompt each month as well as support and encouragement from me and so many others. Are you ready? Let’s Rediscover YOU In 2018!

Here is January’s REDISCOVER YOU IN 2018 journaling prompt.

As you prepare to journal I encourage you to take time to sit with this question. For some it will be concrete things like a new car, a new job, for others it might be more peace or more time with family.

Centering thought : I believe. I trust. I let go. ~Deepak Chopra


Smile at Strangers




SHE BELIEVED 1 Day Conference
Valley Forge Convention Center | Philadelphia, PA

An all-day event for women who have reached some success in their lives and know there is more, just not sure what that looks like or how to get there.
You’ll be treated to really great speakers (I am one of them) and some fun exhibit sponsors, prizes, swag bags for the first 200 women to arrive and LUNCH!

Register today to reserve your spot! 

Temple Sinai Dresher | Dresher, PA

Let’s gather for an afternoon to be reminded of the importance of self-care and to learn simple, yet effective ways to implement self-care into our daily lives. This event is all about helping you feel less stress and more confident and happy!

Register today to reserve your spot! 

MOMS WHO WINE & WAX (it’s not what you think)
SB Design Co. | Philadelphia, PA

Experience Wax Works Photo and paint your OWN photos with beeswax. You don’t need to be an artist, know how to draw or even paint to do this workshop(I know because I am don’t do any to those things).
This is a beautiful and fun night of Food, Art, Wine, Women and Fun.

Register today to reserve your spot! 

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