You’re On Your Own, Now What?

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Our Mission is Simple

  1. To provide a vehicle which mom can use to equip her children as they head off to college therefore relieving some of the anxieties that come with letting go.
  2. To help your children feel confident that they have all of moms best tips and advice at their fingertips while they venture out on their own for their first time.

18 years of love, sweat & tears, then POOF, they’re gone.

Thousands of moms (parents) have or are about to experience letting their kids go to enter the world without them.

For most kids it’s nothing but excitement! For mom, anything but; the anxiety and uncertainty of how well you have prepared them can be overwhelming. After all, raising our kids to become problem solving, capable young adults is what we are going for, so when the time comes for them to leave home it is only natural that we ask ourselves:

Have I taught my kids what they need to know to survive on their own?

Will they remember not to mix the whites with the darks? (see page 9)

What will they do when they get a cold, or worse a fever?
(Do they even know what a fever is?)(check out page 5)

Well moms we, myself along with my mom Judy, have created this part guide/part journal for you as a fun way to share your best tips and wisdom with your college bound kids!

Each chapter includes some tips from us as well as some things we felt were good to know. The most important parts are the blank journal pages for you to fill in with your own personal, best tips and wisdom for your kids.

Again, when they need to figure out what a fever is they just turn to page 5; want moms’ best tips for how to do your laundry, check out page 9.




About Jodi & Judy

Jodi Silverman and her mom, Judy Brown, both live just outside of Philadelphia. Silverman, married for twenty-three years, has two children and a fluffy cockapoo. Brown, married for thirty-five years, has two children, three stepchildren, and eight grandchildren.

When Jodi’s oldest child, Ellie, went to college, she was inspired to write a mom’s guide to medicine to help her daughter adjust to life a way from home. The idea to create a journal for other mom’s was born and she invited her mom to coauthor this project with her. To find out more about Jodi, click here.


“Jodi and Judy did such a great job with this clever little book. I don’t have kids of my own, but I do have stepdaughters through my husband. Two of them are in college and this book is such a terrific way of helping them when I can’t be there. Make sure you buy a book for EACH one of your kids because you personalize a book for each child. I love the cute illustrations, but most especially I love the “Tips” sections because as parents you know we have a lot of tips to share for sure.”
-Heather Moran, Step Mother of two college aged kids


What a fun loving gentle way to help your children interdependently succeed when they launch into the most exciting time of their lives. An awesome way for them to be independent while still having mom gently sitting on your shoulder ( or bookshelf) full of her wisdom. And not to much is disclosed in the book, so yes they will still call home.” -Andrea Rosenthal, MOM


You're On Your Own, Now What?“What an AMAZING idea!!! I can’t wait to give this book to my daughter when she leaves for college!!! This book is organized so well — so i can easily add my tips and my daughter will easily be able to find the information she needs. I am sure this will be a well-used resource for years to come. And — the size is nice and compact. All in all – a GREAT book/journal!!!” -Beth Joseph, MOM


“Every young adult should have a copy of this book. It is a wonderful “2nd mother” for college aged children and older. Fun and easy to read, yet serious and full of great information!” -Jill Weiss, Mom of 4 amazing sons!

1 review for You’re On Your Own, Now What?

  1. Juli Bennett

    This was a great book, that really caused us to think about what we wanted our son to remember when he was away at college. We left him encouraging words, quick coping reminders, as well as everyday tips. This was gave use the outline and platform to prepare our son for a year away from home. We left it for him when we left his dorm, under his pillow. Our hope was that it would empower him to solve his own problems while away at school. We will be doing additional ones for our other 3 kids when they go off to college. I would recommend this book for any parents sending their kids off to college or even to his new job.

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