Car Magnet


Car Magnet!

Shout it the world…I am a Mom Who Dares®!

-Apply to clean surface

-Remove when going through a car wash




They’re Here!

Now you can shout it to the world…You are a MOM WHO DARES®

This car magnet shows the world that you are part of a fast growing community of moms all DARING to connect, share and thrive through empty nest together.

When people ask what is Moms Who Dare®, simply say…

“It’s my amazing community of moms,  in empty nest or soon to be empty nesters, doing fun, daring and interesting things together.   We are all about, Connecting, Sharing and Thriving through this phase of mom hood.

Then, invite them to join in the fun!

What our moms are saying…

“I am truly thankful for you Jodi. With Moms Who Dare group I have grown as a person and met wonderful women who are supportive and inspirational. Thank you Jodi. “–Amy Connell The Cocoa Exchange

“Ty for daring me out of my comfort zone!!!” -Barb Cohen

Moms Who Dare® is about claiming one’s self and our own sense of adventure. It’s about claiming our own space in the world and discovering all the amazing things we can do with our own gifts together as a community of moms. –Adina Laver


Additional information

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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