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I believe that living your daring life, challenging ourselves outside of our comfort zones is the most direct route to fulfillment. Through this podcast, you’ll hear stories of other empty nest and midlife transformations, along with solo episodes where I get to share tools and strategies to help you clear fear, doubt, and become more optimistic and happier from the inside out. Join me every Thursday for talks about Parenting, Community, Resilience & Happiness, sprinkled with a bit of Woo.

"You’ve raised your kids to learn, grow, brave new experiences and meet new people–Now it’s your turn .

-Jodi Silverman, your fellow empty nest mom daring to make this next chapter even better than the last!

I’m your host, Jodi Silverman

Tune in every Thursday for conversations with:

  • Moms
  • Dads
  • Coaches
  • Authors and more.

There will even be mini solo episodes from me offering tangible tips and takeaways on increasing your resilience and happiness during life transitions.

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Previous Episodes

What does living a full and daring life really mean? Glad you asked.

A full and daring life is one where you…

  • Let go of what was to embrace what’s next.
  • Accept your role in your children’s life will continue to shift, and that you’re always their mom.
  • Look for the good-every day, everywhere. 
  • Never stop learning and growing.
  • DARE: Try new and fun things. 

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