Moms Who Dare

Real Women. Real Life.

The Moms Who Dare® Communities are all about helping moms DARE to rediscover themselves as women & as moms during this next season of life. It's about DARING to reimagine what to be, do and have more of in their lives now that the nest is emptying.  It's about helping moms make space for themselves!

Our community is about support, connection and fun. It’s a place to engage with other moms going through the same empty nest journey and the best part, we are drama free. We share our real-world advice and support each other as we each dare to be amazing moms, partners, friends, and women.


I love that Moms Who Dare® is about claiming one’s self and our own sense of adventure. It’s about claiming our own space in the world and discovering all the amazing things we can do with our own gifts together as a community of moms.

–Adina Laver

One mom is amazing, a group of moms, watch out. We can do anything we put our minds to, we just need to know others are there with us and we are not alone.