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Real Women. Real Life.

The Moms Who Dare® Communities are all about helping moms DARE to rediscover themselves as women & as moms during this next season of life. It's about DARING to reimagine what to be, do and have more of in their lives now that the nest is emptying.

Our community is about support, connection and fun. It’s a place to engage with other moms going through the same empty nest journey and the best part, we are drama free. We share our real-world advice and support each other as we each dare to be amazing moms, partners, friends, and women.

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I love that Moms Who Dare® is about claiming one’s self and our own sense of adventure. It’s about claiming our own space in the world and discovering all the amazing things we can do with our own gifts together as a community of moms.

–Adina Laver

The Moms Who Dare Communities are all about...

Real women. Real life. Real fun. Join our online community designed to do what women do best- connect, share, and thrive- for soon to be and recent empty nesters. Mom’s Who Dare®.

24/7 Support

You are never alone here. Truly you aren’t. Reach out in our Moms Who Double Dare™ Community and there is always a fellow mom around willing to help and support you. We get it and we are right there with you.

Your community can help with the serious stuff and the play stuff! Stuff like:

  • How to shift from all hands-on deck mom to long distance mom.
  • How to move through and deal with the feeling of loneliness when a child leaves home.
  • Dealing with the anxiety and sadness as college move-in day approaches.
  • Offer you a place to engage with other moms. To play again, to meet new people & to experience new things.
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Darventures are a blast! The best thing about these is that you can do them anytime anywhere, alone or with friends. Need ideas? Just check out the community, where we are always posting fun things to do and try. From a day of shopping, or a day of pampering to indoor Skydiving and Escape the Room fun, whatever adventure sounds good to you we are ready to support and cheer you on. Who knows, we might just plan one in your area.


Moms Who Wine Evenings (virtual and nationwide)

And speaking of wine, our Moms Who Wine Evenings are more than relaxing with girlfriends and sharing mom stories- these in-person and virtual events are times to relax, be real, and not have to show up as the Super Moms we all tend to try to be.

And though we learn lots about wine at our in person events, our virtual ones are the best. Great conversations, lots of laughs, lots of wine, all in our jammies. Can we say “HEAVEN!”?

Jodi Silverman's Moms Who Wine
Dare Bundles

Dare Bundles!

Dare Bundles are ways for you to Grow, Learn and Have Fun!  Topics from featured experts sharing and teaching on a variety of topics designed to support, you, while navigating this next phase of life.   These are all about YOU! From self-talk clean up, organizing for the Empty Nester, Re-defining your personal style,  mindset sprints, fun challenges and simple talk, these bundles and this community provide you with everything you need to embrace Empty Nest. As a member, you will have early notification of access to every monthly bundle including live Q & A's with our featured experts!

Moms Who Dare® to Give Back

Giving back to others is just one way we can remove ourselves from what's going on in our lives to help make a difference in someone else's.  We raise money annually for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. We have cooked dinner for the families at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. We have supported local community cupboards.  Have a way MWD can give back, shoot me a message and let's chat!  Click here to email me!

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Let's Be Real

As moms, we think and act like we are superheroes, but we aren’t meant to do this alone.

So, join us!

Be part of our community!

By joining our amazing community, you will have access and be a part of everything listed above and so much more. And the best part, it's just $24/month to join, which is less than a dollar a day and less than what most of us spend in a week for coffee!   DARE to be part of Moms Who Double Dare® and always have other moms, from around the world, to connect, share, celebrate, thrive and dare with.

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One mom is amazing, a group of moms, watch out. We can do anything we put our minds to, we just need to know others are there with us and we are not alone.