Learn to say YES from Coaching With Jodi.

Just say YES!

Every time October rolls around the word YES comes to mind.


Because that’s exactly what I said five years ago this month when a friend presented a business opportunity to me – I said YES to meeting with her and YES to the opportunity.

By saying yes, I opened up a world of personal and professional development I never knew existed and never knew I desired.  These past five years have been more valuable than the four years I spent sitting in class at college. Shh! Please don’t tell my parents I said that.

How You Can Say Yes

My friend Valarie is another woman/mom who dared to say YES.  Valarie was the #1 salesperson where she worked with a customer base who adored her.  However, there was nowhere for her to go within the company, so she had to decide – stay where she was comfortable or say YES and go for more.  Valarie said YES!  Today she’s in a different career, learning new skills and meeting new people, proving that even when you’re scared to death saying YES is worth it.

Again, In the month of October, exactly one year ago, I said YES to attend a local Women’s Conference, and guess what?  That’s where I heard Lu Ann Cahn speak.  In her book, I Dare Memy new friend Lu Ann writes about how she embarked on a yearlong journey of doing something new every day in order to recharge and reboot her life.  In her book’s introduction she says, “I grew. I changed. My world opened up and is still evolving today as a result of my Year of Firsts.”

When I heard this, I knew I wanted to feel that way too.  I wanted to try new things or things that I hadn’t done in years.  So I decided once again to say YES!  However, I didn’t want to do this alone.  I mean, isn’t it more fun to do new things with other people?  So that’s what I decided to do – to bring the I Dare Me philosophy, through a new movement,  to my coaching practice and my Facebook community of moms who are either approaching the empty nest phase or in it already.  I decided it would be called Moms Who Dare!

If I could inspire someone else to do something new and it helped that person feel better about themselves then heck yes, I would do this.  I want to inspire and motivate other moms in doing things for themselves in order for them to discover their hidden talents and gifts so they can discover all the positive things that await them in this new phase of their life.  This is what the leaders in my Stream Business and friends like Valarie and Lu Ann have done for me.  Now it’s time to pay it forward.

To begin with, here are two self-coaching questions you can ask yourself today that will lead you toward a YES tomorrow! (I ask these questions myself a lot when I am feeling scared or unsure.)

  1. How will I feel next week/a month from now or a year from now if I don’t do or try_______________?
  2. How will doing or trying or enrolling in __________________ make me feel? What value will it bring into my life or my family’s life?

Are You Ready to Say YES?

  • If you’re looking for some “firsts” ideas, consider ordering a copy of Lu Ann’s book today.  In it she lists all 365 firsts she dared herself to do.
  • You can also join the Moms Who Dare Facebook Community.  This is for moms with kids in high school and beyond.  Invite your friends!
  • If you would like me to speak at an event you may be organizing, contact me today.  We can customize the topic to fit your audience.

It has been said… “Jodi is the kind of woman who turns opportunity into fun and success.   Jodi’s energy and enthusiasm are absolutely engaging and contagious”

  • Say YES to one new thing this month and when you do, pay attention to how it makes you feel inside.  I DARE YOU!
  • Share what you dared to do in the comments below or in the Facebook group so the group members and I can celebrate your accomplishment together.

I am a certified life coach, author and speaker who empowers, motivates and inspires other women to free themselves from fear and limiting beliefs in order to pursue their dreams, passions and thereby living their lives on their terms with purpose, on purpose. I am a Mom Who Dares!


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