Moms, We Are Not Hardwired To Live A High Performance Life Solo.

When you choose to DARE to LIVE BIG, you will sometimes need a little support. Because let’s be honest- if living all in this new empty nester phase of life, discovering who you are, and embodying your dreams on a daily basis was easy, everyone would do it.

Just because it isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it is impossible.

I offer one on one coaching/mentorship to very select empty nester moms. If you feel like we may be a good fit, then let's chat.   Let's discuss your needs and where you want to go, how you want to dare, and how you want to play big.

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"One of the reasons I was drawn to Jodi right away was because she had that frame of thinking that if moms are happy their kids are going to be happy." 

- Juli Bennett

It has been fabulous and eye-opening to talk with you on a consistent basis and share with you all of my intentions, desires and goals. Never have I focused so much on myself and it feels SOOOO good to do it. I really love coaching and talking with you.

Radell Ann Peischler, Egg Freezing Coach and Entrepreneur