Going to the movies alone may sound and feel awkward, however, I am still going to DARE you to give it a try.  We all have a movie that our husband or friends do not wish to see, why should you miss out?  Give this a try and then be sure to visit our Facebook Group and Share what it was like for you!

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Are you feeling the sadness, worry, stress and anxiety that most moms feel as their kids approach leaving home?

Why not surround yourself with other moms all where you are and where you are headed?  A community of moms, just like you, daring to discover what awaits them now that the nest is emptying.

A community of women, Connecting, Sharing & Thriving Through Empty Nest!

Click HERE and check out what Moms Who Double Dare is all about and how you can not just survive your kids leaving home, but Thrive!


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