About "In The Nest™" with Jodi

 Welcome to In The Nest with Jodi, your weekly dose of Real Moms having Real Conversations about Real life.

 Life doesn't end for us when the kids leave the nest!

There will be one to one chats with moms and
occasionally we will gather as a group  "At The Table™", In the Nest™ and weigh in on some parenting and women issues we face during the empty nest season of life & beyond.

I'm on a mission to empower and support moms as they discover who they want to be as women and moms during this next phase of life.

Episodes air once a week on Mondays  – at 10 am EST – and will be posted on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube.

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In the Nest™ with Jodi and At the Table In the Nest is another way Jodi Silverman fulfills her passion of supporting and inspiring the Empty Nest Mom.  These conversations are informative, fun, meaningful and give a voice to the 45+ year old mom who is looking to discover how to navigate being a mom and woman as she launches her kids.

Jodi also supports moms through her Moms Who Dare® Community.

Everything Jodi does is to support the 45+ year old mom in discovering her daring life as she sends her kids off to do the same.

"You have raised your kids to learn, grow, meet new people and experience new things.  Why not YOU(mom) too?" -Jodi

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