Empowering Moms
in Empty Nest .

Empty Nest. Now What?

Dare to create the happy, fulfilled life of your dreams in empty nest and beyond.

Who Are We?

Founded by author, certified life coach, speaker and mom-motivator, Jodi Silverman, Moms Who Dare® is a one-of-a-kind community of amazing women who support one another, cheer one another on and have fun together as we dare to make empty nest our best chapter yet!

We’ve got you.

You’ve been 100% focused on raising your children to be independent. Now they’re finally on their way and you feel lost. “Now what?” you ask yourself.

You’ve joined infant playgroups, mommy & me classes and music circles. You’ve been soccer moms, band moms and classroom moms. Yes, moms thrive in community, and in empty nest more than ever, community is vital.

The Moms Who Dare® Membership Community is built around positive, warm, growth-oriented empty nest Moms like you and me. We believe that embracing change is the most direct route to fulfillment. We support and drive one another forward in our personal and professional journeys.

The 3 life-changing dares you can start taking today.



You deserve this. Decide it’s time for you. Decide that you’ve earned this. Decide not to let that inner voice of doubt hold you back.


Step out.

Fun and magic don’t happen when you stand still. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Start taking little dares outside of your comfort zone


Join in.

Now that your day no longer revolves around the kids, it’s your time to choose what works for you. Moms Who Dare® is here to guide you through friendship, support and adventure!

You’ve raised your kids to go out into the world, brave new experiences and grow. Now it’s your turn. Get Jodi's "5 Ways Moms Can Thrive in Empty Nest"