I am not going to bore you with all the research on how visualization and the brain work, you can google that on your own. I am going to dive right in! I had the most amazing Saturday, when ten women (7 moms and 3 of their daughters) who joined me for a full day workshop all about them!

I have been creating Vision Boards for over four years and have had many things manifest, in my life, as a result. Through the power of visualization, my husband and I ended up living in our dream home, CLICK HERE, and listen to that quick story.  I ended up on TV on one of the daytime shows that is part of the Today Show Family, have created and self-published a book, spoken on stages in front of 30-500 people, became a Certified Life Coach and so much more. All because I got clear on what I wanted in my life, created a Vision Board to reinforce the visualization and manifestation process, and taken the inspired action toward achieving my goals!

Think back to a time when you would day dream. Do you remember how vividly you could picture what you wanted in your mind? Maybe you could even see the people around you, the colors, the smells the textures. This is what makes things manifest, the ability to truly “see” what it is you want. Do you remember what it felt like when you woke up one day and realized that your exact day dream (vision) actually had come true? Maybe you did not even realize it when it happend. Either way, this I know for sure…it is absolutely possible to manifest things and events into your life through visualization, and it all begins with the process of gaining clarity. Getting clear on what you want to be, do and have in your life is the first step. When you gain clarity, it is easy to set intentions, visualize them and take the inspired actions to achieve them.

These amazing women did something difficult, they said YES to devoting an entire day just for themselves. For most women, especially moms, this ain’t easy. Most are used to putting everyone and everything before themselves. Not these ten, they said yes to the first ever full day Rediscover YOU Vision Board Workshop and allowed me to guide them through their personal journey of getting clear on what they want more of in their lives.  I am full of gratitude for these women allowing me to be their coach/mentor for the day and for coming with an open mind. I cannot wait to hear what manifests for each of them in the coming weeks, months and years.

I would encourage everyone, man, woman and child, to create at least one Vision Board at least once in their lifetime!  The first step you want to take is all around clarity. You will want to get clear on the goal of your Vision Board. Here are three core questions you can start with on your road to getting clear.

Get Clear…Ask Questions

What do I want to BE? (This is how you view yourself. Use adjectives and begin each sentence with I AM) For example, I AM a leader, I am confident

What do I want to DO? (What are some things you want to do in your life or business?) An example is that I have always wanted to create and run a Vision Board Workshop for moms. 

What do I want to HAVE? These are the things you get to have as a result of BEING who you want to be and DOING the things you want to do in order to HAVE the things you desire. For example, it could be to travel more or to live in your dream house. It could be a new relationship or a new car.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,”  Napoleon Hill

If you have a group of friends, co-workers or family members who you think would enjoy a fun and meaningful day together getting clear and creating vision boards to help manifest their dreams and goals, just click here and shoot me an email. I am happy to discuss customizing a workshop that fits your groups needs and desires.

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