Tips I learned at my sons college orientation!

This is part 1 of a three part series on how parents, can help make their kids college transition less stressful for everyone! I wrote this almost 4 years ago and the information is still relevant today.

According to the Resident Housing Department at University of Alabama, there are 5 main reasons behind roommate conflict.

Top 5 Reasons for Roommate Conflicts

  1. Cleanliness (lack there of)
  2. Visitors
  3. Respect for study time
  4. Difference in sleep schedules
  5. Use of personal property/supplies/food

As a mom, it’s only natural when our children call with a problem we want to jump right in a fix it! There is nothing worse than being far away while your child is having a conflict or roommate issues. So, what is a mom to do?

The only thing you can do, is to do our best to equip them before they leave.  We can do this only by having open conversations with them.

The tips below are from my personal mom experience along with other moms who have shared their experiences.  Consider it your MWD Playbook!  #Dareon!

3 tips you, as moms can share or discuss with your kids for handling roommate conflicts

     1.Teaching then not to allow bad feelings to fester. This just results in becoming angry and then the conversation can’t be productive. Nip grievances in the beginning, no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

Stacey Goldberg, mom of two and stepmom of two, all of whom will be in college this year, said it perfectly in our book, You’re On Your Own, NOW WHAT?Tips and Wisdom from Mom“ “Establish Rules of The Room, up front with your roommate.”

2. Teach them this lesson: They cannot control how someone will react or not react to something they say; They can only control how they say it or approach the other person. So, if they can learn to come from a place of kindness and understanding, they will be ok.

NOTE: A great question for them to ask themselves before they speak to their roommate could be, “How would I want my roommate to approach me if the situation were reversed.” 

3. Remind them that if they feel as if talking direct to their roommate is not going well or will not go well, seek support and guidance from their resident advisor, that is why they are there.

It is my wish that the information here helps support you and your children.  See below for additional ways to connect with me and other moms who are experiencing the empty nest season of life!



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You're On Your Own, Now What?Created with love by my me and my mom.  A great resource for moms to give their college-bound kids.  It will help to ensure they are equipped with your best tips and wisdom around health and wellness, cleaning, laundry and much more. We even have a page for dads to offer their best tips and wisdom.

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3 thoughts on “Tips from College Orientation Part 1: Top 5 Reasons for Roommate Conflicts

  1. Thanks Jodi! I always appreciate your newsletters. They remind me of topics to discuss with my son and ways in which to approach the conversation! Perfect timing! Keep up the good work!

    Posted on June 7, 2016 at 4:28 pm
  2. Eeeekkks move in day is fast approaching for my Freshman…so many thoughts and emotions. THANKS for sharing this advice…will certainly keep it all in mind!!!

    Posted on July 18, 2019 at 7:31 pm
    1. I remember each move in day. You’ve got this, just breathe and be present. You got this.

      Posted on July 22, 2019 at 6:30 pm