Over 3 years ago I sat in a room with 300 other women at the Penn Suburban Chamber of Commerce, Power Your Potential Women’s Conference. What happened in that room as Lu Ann Cahn took the stage to share her I Dare Me story would change my life and allow me to create a community that has supported many moms through their Empty Nest Journey.

Our Moms Who Double Dare Membership recently completed their first book in our MWD Book Club.

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Going to the movies alone may sound and feel awkward, however, I am still going to DARE you to give it a try.  We all have a movie that our husband or friends do not wish to see, why should you miss out?  Give this a try and then be sure to visit our Facebook Group and Share what it was like for you!

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Be sure to come over to our Facebook Group and Share how this months Dare went for you!

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Are you feeling the sadness, worry, stress and anxiety that most moms feel as their kids approach leaving home?

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It’s finally here…Move-in day for your college students!

This is the day your sons and daughters have been looking forward to for years.  You, on the other hand, may dread it and have flashbacks of college orientation.

Although the day may be filled with much anticipation and excitement; it can also bring on feelings of anxiousness and sadness.

Click here to grab a copy of my Top 9 Tips For Making College Move In Day Smooth and Pleasant for all!

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Have you heard? Have you been watching?
Moms Who Double Dare™ has opened its doors and moms are jumping on board every day!

Wait until you see what we have in store for you!
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Check out our opening week video!



Moms Who Dare® has always been about Real Women,

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Spring is a Time of Rebirth, Transition & New Beginnings in both our lives and in our business.


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We had a blast at our sold out event in Newtown. We raised $500 
Thank you to everyone who DARED to say yes and participated in the AR Workshop Fundraiser DIY class.

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