Empty Nest...

The #1 question all moms are left asking as their kids begin to leave the nest.
For 18+ years you have been 100% focused on raising your kids to become independent young adults ready to go out into the world. What you didn’t think about was what you were going to do with all the empty space and time left behind.

Jodi Silverman

Hi, I’m Jodi! Your mentor, motivator and fellow mom.

Moms Who Dare®, the Membership,is waiting for you! If you allow me I guide you in discovering how to live your best life, in creating a Daring life as you define it.

Are you ready to shift the focus from where it has been all of these years, the kids, back onto yourself?

Are you ready to make space for YOU and the things you want to be do and have more of in your life?

Are you ready to discover how you want to feel as a mom
and woman during this transition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time! It’s your time to embark on a journey that will have you learning, growing and thriving through this season of your life, and the best part, we will do it together!

If you are ready to dare, then I am ready to lead the way.

Daring to connect Double Dare Community

Moms Who Dare®
is the only membership community of its kind.

We are community of moms all with kids either about to leave the nest or already have. We are a drama free group of women who desire in-person connection and support combined with a bit of adventure. We are all about learning, growing, connecting, sharing and thriving through this next transition.


“The company we keep creates our world”

- Dana Kurtbeck

As Oprah says, “this I know for sure…”
Moms have always craved and thrived in community.

There have been infant playgroups, mommy & me classes, soccer moms, book club moms and the list can go on. The bottom line is women are better together and Empty Nest is NOT the time to go it alone! Life transitions, like Empty Nest can bring up fear and self-doubt in any woman.  I know because it did for me. Fear and Self-Doubt are normal, all you need is a mentor and a community to link arms with, pull you forward and cheer you on.

Here's just a few results of what can happen for you by saying YES and Joining The MWD® Membership.

✔️Spark something inside that makes you feel alive again.

✔️Help you get your identity back both as a mom and a woman.

✔️ Become more interesting to your kids.

✔️ Make new & meaningful friendships.

Don't take my word for it, keep scrolling and check out what our members have to say!

Meet some of our Moms Who Dare Members

Jan Schwarz

Jane Schwarz

"Moms Who Dare has given me a new direction for my sense of adventure. Although the adventures may take you from Jodi's living room, sipping wine paired with chocolate, to traversing suspended walkways leading to zip lines, they are shared with other women just like you! The best part of MWDD is the spirited and inspiring leadership of Jodi!" 

Amy Connell

Amy Connell

"I met Jodi at a Women's networking meeting at a  time in my life where I just became
 an empty nester. With the help of Mom's Who Double Dare and the wonderful women in the group, I am experiencing new adventures, getting out of my comfort zone, discovering who I am as a woman, and meeting amazing women along the way. Thank you MWD."

Kathy Guerin

Kathy Guerin

"As a single mom with no chicks left in her nest, I am so grateful for the Moms Who Double Dare community. I have made new friends, stretched myself outside of my comfort zone, DARED to do new and sometimes crazy things, and enjoyed supporting other moms as well as receiving (much needed) support."

Meet your Moms Who Dare®Founder, Mentor, DareVenture™ Guide and Fellow Empty Nester Jodi!

I’m a Certified Life Coach & Mentor to Moms. My favorite quote of all times and one I have learned to embrace through my own daring journey is…

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”

As my children entered high school and needed more space and independence, I realized there was a lot more time and space in my world. That’s when the question, NOW WHAT?, first popped into my head.  What would I do with my newfound time and space?

This new situation brought up many feelings.  The strongest one, which totally blindsided me, was the feeling as if something was missing in my life! This was a very awkward feeling, because my life was full and wonderful, yet there I was feeling as if there were something more for me to be doing.   It was this feeling of “something more” that began pushing me outside my comfort zone. I began saying yes to new and different, (and sometimes scary), yet fun, opportunities. Opportunities that took me out of the sadness and loss of my kids leaving home to a life of fulfillment, community and of course, PLAY, or as I love to call it DARING!

Jodi Silverman

Experiencing new things and meeting new people opened my world in ways I’d never imagined. Not only did I discover a new path in my professional life, I became more interesting to my children and created stronger connections with my husband, friends and family. I began learning and growing as a woman.  I was discovering and embracing  who I was and who I wanted to be both as a mom and as a woman during this next season of my life.  This path of self-discovery, which I call DARING, eventually led me right here, to the creation of The Moms Who Dare® Membership Community!  This one of a kind community is here to support you on your journey of learning, growing, experiencing new things and creating deeper connections with the people you love most.  And the best part, you do it all with other moms, other women, just like you!  It’s the community for you if you are ready to say YES to discovering all you want to be, do and have during the Empty Nest Season of your life.

You have raised your children to go out into the world, meet new people and experience new things. Why not you too?

- Jodi

Check out all that is waiting
just for you!

Adventure; Personal Growth; Community; Moms Daring, Double Dare

You, Me & Community!

You are never alone here. Truly you aren’t. Reach out in the Private Moms Who Dare® Member Community where there is always a fellow mom willing to help and support you. We get it and we are right there with you.

You also have access to Me! I’m your coach, mentor & motivator! I have made it my mission to support you through this community and connection.  When you join The MWD Membership you have access to me, not only as your Dare Guide, but as your mentor! Need to talk? Feeling stuck? Shoot me an email it's that simple!

Adventure; Personal Growth; Community; Moms Daring, Double Dare
Grow and have fun with Double Dare Moms

Your MWD community can help with the serious stuff and the play stuff!

Stuff like:

  • How to shift from all hands-on deck mom to long distance mom.
  • How to move through and deal with the feeling of loneliness when a child leaves home.
  • Working through self-doubt and limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Figuring out the answer to...NOW WHAT?
  • Offering you a place to engage with other moms. To play again, to meet new people & to experience new things.
Mom Membership Page
Mom Membership Page


DareVentures are a blast! Not sure how or where to begin, no worries. As your DareVenture guide I will plan our events from start to finish, all you do is show up!   From a day of shopping, or a day of pampering to indoor Skydiving and Escape the Room fun, whatever adventure sounds good to you we are ready to link arms and do it together.  Have you always wanted to try something, an art class, rock climbing, let me know and I will make it happen.   Most of our DareVentures are in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties.

Jodi Silverman's Moms Who Wine

Moms Who Wine
Evenings (in-person and virtual)

And speaking of wine, our Moms Who Wine Evenings are more than relaxing with girlfriends and sharing mom stories- these in-person and virtual events are times to relax, be real, and not have to show up as the Super Moms we all tend to try to be. From monthly dinners out, movie nights, pot luck barbecues these are simple Moms Night Out!  We sometimes invite experts in fields, such as mindfulness, organization, personal style, etc. to help us learn and grow together.

Jodi Silverman's Moms Who Wine
Dare Bundles copy
Dare Bundles copy

Dare Bundles!

Dare Bundles are ways for you to Grow, Learn and Have Fun!  Experts sharing and teaching on a variety of topics designed to support, you while navigating this next phase of life.   These bundles are all about YOU! From self-talk clean up, organizing for the Empty Nester, Discovering your personal style,  Mindset sprints, Fun challenges and Simple talk, these bundles and this community provide you with everything you need to embrace Empty Nest. As a member, you will have early notification of access to every monthly bundle including live Q & A's with our featured experts!

Want to see more about Dare Bundles? Click HERE


Book Club!

Books have changed my life!  

If my mother reads this she will most likely fall off her chair, as I never read as a child.  It was over 6 years ago I discovered the world of books and how they could change my life.  I have read amazing fiction like, Harry Potter, The Help and Gone With The Wind, as well as personal growth books like, I Dare Me, Big Magic, The Art of Exceptional Living and Daring Greatly, jut to name a few.

Our bi-monthly on-line book club is meant to give you plenty of time to read and enjoy the books we choose.  At the end of every book we will meet, via zoom video(just like Skype) and have awesome book discussions.

Website Art
Website Art

Moms Who Dare®
Give Back

Giving back to others is just one way we can remove ourselves from what's going on in our lives to help make a difference in someone else's.  We raise money annually for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. We have cooked dinner for the families at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. We have supported local community cupboards.  Have a way MWD can give back, shoot me a message and let's chat!
Click here to email me!

Still not sure? Still wondering if MWD Membership is the community for you?
Here what some of our members have to share:

- Kim Kelenbenz

"Moms Who Dare™ gives me an opportunity to share and discuss ideas with other moms who are in the same stage of life as I am."

- Adina

“I love that MWD is about claiming oneself, claiming our own sense of adventure, our own space in the world and all of the amazing things we can do with our own gifts and our own community of moms!”

- Susan

MWD is a way  for women to reconnect  who are all in the same position where the kids are off to college.”  I’ve been an empty nester for a while. I’m on a new journey. I’m  widow for the second time in my life, so and I I’m looking at MWD to try new things and meet new people and am excited about being a part of this group.”

Ready for your Adventure to begin?


  • Invitations & Access to all On-line and In-Person DareVentures™

  • Moms Who Wine Events

  • Workshops and more!

Did I mention that everything is planned for you, all you have to do is DARE to say yes and let the adventure begin!

(Our in person events are held mainly in the Philadelphia Area and Surrounding Suburbs with a concentration in Philly, Bucks and Montgomery Counties)

Join the Community


Let the adventure begin!

Just $24/month*

(Less than a dollar a day & less than most of us spend on our coffee/wine in a week, just sayin!)*
No contract!

When you join,
you get all of this...

You, Me and Community: Private Facebook Community and access to Jodi; Your private, safe space to share and post with other moms just like you!

DareVentures™: Invitations and discounted pricing on all in-person adventures like

  • Axe Throwing--Paddle Boarding--Escape the Room Adventure--Cooking Classes--Day trips to NYC. Just to name a few!

Moms Who Wine Evenings: These happen both Virtually and In-Person

  • Moms Who Wine & Eat Chocolates Tasting
  • Moms Who Wine and Cook
  • Moms Who Wine On-Line Zoom Video Meet Up
  • Good old fashioned Moms Night Out
  • Opportunity to bring guests to introduce them to MWDD and hear what we are all about
  • Speakers who come to share, educate and inspire us in a variety of different areas of life.

and, all of this

For Just $24/month*

Dare Bundles: Learn something from experts in a variety of fields:

  • Essential Oils
  • Organizational tips for the Empty Nester
  • Define your Style
  • Self-Care
  • Cooking Tips and Demos

Access to the Bi-Monthly On-Line Book Club: at the conclusion of each book there will be a LIVE Zoom video discussion

Moms Who Dare Give Back: Have a say in how we as a community will give back.  Is there an organization or cause near to your heart? Let me know and we can plan a fundraiser.

  • Cooked dinner for the families at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
  • Raised money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Raised money for The Ambler Community Cupboard
  • Raised money for Manna on Main Street, a Food Pantry serving the Lansdale, PA area.

(Less than a dollar a day & less than most of us spend on our coffee/wine in a week, just sayin!)*
No contract!

The question is no longer NOW WHAT?
It's now… DO YOU DARE?

Create your version of a daring life today. You will feel great about yourself. Your kids will be proud. You will form deeper connections with those you love, and it all starts with daring to saying yes to YOU!

Q: How do I know if Moms Who Dare™ Membership is right for me?

A: If you have kids in High School and Beyond then MWD membership is the community for you.  If you live near Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties the MWD Membership is right for you.  If  you are ready to form meaningful connections with other women and embark on a journey of personal development and adventure, then MWD membership is for you.

Q: How much time does it take?

A: We have approximately 3 in person events a month. We may also have an on-line event or two.  You choose what fits your schedule. Keep in mind, just like a gym membership or a spa membership, there will be months when you can attend all our events and others when life will get in your way. This happens and is normal, so don’t beat yourself up if once in a while you have to say no!

Q: Will I actually have access to Jodi?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes!  

One of my favorite parts of having this community is getting to know other moms, and welcoming new members to our group personally is super fun.  I’ve met new friends and developed many strong relationships with my members. I attend all of the MWDD events I plan. We have a private, closed Facebook Group just for members where we post events and have on- line meet up chats. You are always welcome to shoot me an email to plan a time to jump on the phone or a video zoom chat.

Q: Is it easy to cancel?

A: Yup! No contract when you join.  You will be billed automatically each month and can cancel at anytime.  Although it would make me sad if you left, I would understand and you would be welcome back anytime. 

Q: What if I don’t have spare time? or What if I have trouble committing my time in case my kids or family need me?

A1:   I get this alot! I myself have a full life, with friends(outside of MWDD) and family. However, I can tell you this, women have always needed other women and community to thrive.  Having a full life already does not mean you stop meeting other women and experiencing new things.  

I promise you that if you find time to attend just one event a month, you will discover opportunity, connections and fun you never thought existed or that you even were aware you desired.

A2:   Many of the moms who find MWDD share with me, they have trouble committing their time  because they have been so used to be being available 24/7 for their families!

It’s no wonder making time for yourself creates a feeling of unease and even anxiety.  Here’s the thing.  Everyone else is making plans, and doing new and fun things.  They are moving forward and if you do nothing, you will be left stuck in the same place.  You have this one precious, short life.  You have done an amazing job raising your kids, and you will still need to be and always will be there for them. Showing your kids, by example, that it is ok to put yourself first is not selfish, rather it is a great mom teaching moment!   It’s now your time to do new things that you have put off to raise your kids.    I promise you, your family will understand and they will be proud of you for it.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Moms Who Double Dare membership is a monthly subscription. Because there is no contract there’s no-refund policy.

If you feel that the membership is no longer a fit, you can cancel your subscription with the click of a button at any time. You won’t be put in the awkward situation of having to contact me in person or give a specific reason. You’ll have access right up to the end of your membership period, and will not be charged again and you are always welcome back if your circumstances change.  

Mind you, if you join MWDD and come to our events, your life will be so much richer. You’ll be so happy, you won’t want your money back.



It’s possible.

Finally you’ll discover who you want to be during this next season of your life. It’s never too late to learn & grow, but it can only happen if you dare to take action.

I know it’s hard and I know you’re busy, but the Moms Who Dare Membership Community is ready to support you, motivate you, and cheer you on along the way.  Together, we’ll help answer that nagging question... Now What?

You don’t have to feel sad about empty nest anymore.
You can do exactly what you raised your kids to do...
Learn, grow, meet new people and experience new things.

Say yes and Join today and begin creating your Daring Life!

Empty nest does not have to mean the end of the world. Rather, it marks a world of new beginnings with endless possibilities.


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