Meet Jodi Silverman

Founder of Moms Who Dare®

Jodi Silverman is an author, certified life coach, speaker and entrepreneur, with a 20 year track record of transforming ideas into success.

Jodi believes that “Living Your Daring Life,” challenging ourselves outside of our comfort zones, is the most direct route to fulfillment. She has inspired thousands of women around the country to live their own daring lives through her Moms Who Dare® Membership Community, In The Nest™ with Jodi show and as a Professional Speaker.

When you are open to moving forward in empty nest, opportunity and fulfillment find you.

~Jodi Silverman

Hi, I’m Jodi!

I’m a passionate mom-motivator, tennis fanatic, community builder, and personal growth junkie! If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you’re an empty nester or expect to be soon. Maybe you’re reeling; asking yourself what just happened. Maybe, you’re feeling sad, anxious, scared, confused or stuck. I was! The silver lining? It led me here to you.

Empty Nest?

When my kids left for college, I felt stuck and scared. Though my personal and professional life had always been fulfilling, suddenly everything was called into question. I knew there was something waiting for me but what was it?

Now what?

I wasn’t sure where I was headed but I was determined to push through my fear and self-doubt to get there. I call my journey “living my daring life.” Happily, it led me here – to discovering my passion for empowering moms to live their own daring lives.

My mission.

Moms deserve to thrive in every stage of life. I’m on a mission to help amazing women like you thrive like never before in empty nest and beyond, through connection, daring, growth and adventure.

You’ve raised your kids to go out into the world, brave new experiences and grow.

Now it’s your turn.



You deserve this. Decide it’s time for you. Decide that you’ve earned this. Decide not to let that inner voice of doubt hold you back


Step Out.

Fun and magic don’t happen when you stand still. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Start taking little dares outside of your comfort zone.


Join In.

Now that your day-to-day no longer revolves around the kids, it’s your time to choose what works for you. Moms Who Dare is here to guide you through friendship, support and adventure!

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