About Me

Hi I'm Jodi Silverman

Inspiring Speaker & Founder of the Moms Who Dare® Community

I am a community builder, a mentor and a coach teaching women how to discover purpose, meaning and fulfillment during life transitions such as empty nest and midlife.

I believe that “Living Your Daring Life,” challenging ourselves outside of our comfort zones, is the most direct route to fulfillment.

Through my public speaking, the Moms Who Dare Membership Community, and my Podcast (Beyond Empty Nest™), I’ve helped thousands of women navigate midlife transitions allowing them to find meaning and fulfillment once again. I have a unique ability to see the gifts even in the messiest of life’s moments.

With a 20 year track record of transforming ideas into success, I bring my positive high vibes where I challenge women to DARE ON®.

When I’m not teaching women how to navigate their ever-changing role of mom in their children’s lives, building their resilience, and finding true inner happiness, I’m hanging out with family, friends, and kicking butt on the tennis court.

8 Fun Facts About Me…


I’m the girl who sees the glass, not just half full, but overflowing!


I believe in angels and spirit guides, and have a Buddah in each room of my house to remind me to breathe.


I love sitting by a wood burning fire with a great cocktail (an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan will do)


I’m known by those closest to me as “The Jew who loves Christmas” listening to Holiday music from Thanksgiving-New Years.


I don’t go in the ocean because I truly believe Jaws is waiting for me.


As extroverted as I am I love my alone time in my home.


I’m married to the awesome Sam Silverman (30 years) and have two amazing adult children, Ellie & Dan


I believe Play and Fun are a must have life.

Dare On

Inspires us to dream.

Drives us to face our fears.

Gives us the strength to persevere and fuels our adventures


It can do the same for you!

Enough about Me,

I want to know about YOU!

Connect with me or Book me to speak!

Dare on with me and you’ll find your path to a fun and meaningful midlife.