Share your desire to try some new and different things together.  Be clear, before sharing, as to why this is important to you and for your relationship.  It can be uncomfortable or downright scary to share what you feel, however, if you keep this quote in mind, it can help you through.

” When we shut ourselves off from vulnerability, we distance ourselves from the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.” -Brene Brown

Lists are one of the most effective ways to begin strategizing.  You may choose to create this list together or decide you will each choose 3-5 things you would like to try. Then you share the lists. Once shared, a plan of action can begin.  There will be some give and take here, especially if you have different interests.  Stay open minded and give some things a chance, you just never know how doing something a bit out of your comfort zone can open doors.  I’ll say it again, you just never know where the road to new will lead!

It is important to push yourselves a bit, especially at the beginning of your journey.  Remember habits are not easy to break, and it is way too easy to just say you’re too tired and plop yourselves back on the sofa.  NO!  You must commit to pulling each other and pushing each other out of that old habit to form new ones.  Maybe it’s a weeknight movie or going for a walk in the park before dinner, whatever it is, take small step, but commit to taking them.

Go ahead and grab another couple or a few friends.  Maybe you form a dinner club a book club or decide to have a game night.  Whatever it is for you, sometimes it takes a village to create meaningful change, so go ahead and recruit!

You have opened the door to meaningful conversation, continue that!  As you try new things, talk about them with each other. What did you enjoy most or least? What would you do again? Pay attention to how you are feeling.  When you shake things up a bit, emotions are set free.  These experiences, you share together, can either renew lost passions or ignite new ones.  Either way you will be growing and learning new things about yourself as an individual and as a couple.

Bonus Tip:
Share your fun and adventures with our kids.  The next time they call or FaceTime, share away.  You just may find it adds a new and exciting dimension to your relationship with them.

Finally, consider this video your permission slip to DARE to play all in your life!  You have raised your kids to go out in the world to experience new things and meet new people. Why not you too?

As always, I would love to hear how these tips help you? Which one worked best? Which was the most uncomfortable for you?  Do you have any tips of your own to share?

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