Hi. I'm Jodi.

I'm a Certified Life Coach, Mentor to Moms, Lover of Tennis, Community Builder, Host of In The Nest™ with Jodi and Personal Growth Junkie!

I love my family, living in community and have always LOVED being a mom! If you know me then you have heard me say at least once that I'm a mom all about moms!  WHY? I believe there is just one thing that can take a decision making, confident woman and totally derail her...BECOMING A MOM!

We give all of ourselves to our families, and for some, it means losing a sense of self and purpose as women. Then the kids leave and now we aren't even sure who we are as moms anymore.


I get stuck, scared, have self-doubt and limiting beliefs just like you! I went through a period of wondering who I was and what I wanted to be as my kids, Ellie and Dan, began to leave the nest.  I had this deep inner feeling that there was something more waiting for me and that is when I did it. I made a DECISION.


In 2013 I said yes to a business opportunity that led me on a personal growth journey that changed my life! GUESS WHAT?  I still get scared and those bouts of self doubt still pop up, however, now I understand why and what they mean.  Now, instead of staying stuck in fear and doubt, I am able to push through and continue to create and live my BEST LIFE.  What I call living my DARING LIFE!


I'm on a mission to support the empty nester and soon to be empty nester mom in moving through the loss and sadness of this life transition to discover the opportunities that are waiting for her.   Through public speaking, In The Nest™ with Jodi Show, and The Moms Who Dare® Community, I help moms answer that nagging question they all are left with during when the kids leave...NOW WHAT?   Isn't it time for you to discover and live your BEST LIFE; your DARING LIFE?   All you have to do is DECIDE it's time!

You've raised your kids to go out into the world, to learn, grow, meet new people and experience new things.  Why not YOU too?

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"Moms Who Dare™ gives me an opportunity to share and discuss ideas with other moms who are in the same stage of life as I am." 

- Kim Kelenbenz

"Everything Jodi talks about is relevant. She is funny. She is inspiring." 

- Megan Weisheipl

Empty nest does not have to mean the end of the world. Rather, it marks a world of new beginnings with endless possibilities for your children and for YOU!