The second of the three R’s on your way to thriving through Empty Nest!

The first “R” I shared was to Re-Imagine. The process of asking yourself some key core questions that would set you on the path of reimagining what could be. Reimagining is all about the dreaming. Dreaming of all the things you can be, do and have.

Once you start reimagining and dreaming again, it’s time to start Re-Defining.

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ReImagine means to imagine again or anew; especially: to form a new conception of: Re-Create

Isn’t this what we tend to do every year as one ends and a new one begins.  The end of the year brings with it reflection.   Reflection of what was and what could be. I want to help you see what can be! I want to help you dare to dream again.

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It’s all about managing expectations, yours and theirs.



Calling all Moms!  Click here and join our Moms Who Dare Facebook Community and join in the conversation. We are a community of Moms with kids in high school and beyond sharing information and supporting each other.

Declare to the world that you are a Mom Who Dares.  A mom who dares to do something new for herself.

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Are You a Mom Who Dares?

This is the question I’ve found myself asking for the past month.  It was bothering me because I thought I was certain and clear on exactly who a Mom Who Dares was and what its was she dared to do – DREAM AND DARE!

Although I still believe she’s someone who dares to dream again, there was an uncertainty nagging at me which I kept pushing away.  

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Setting expectations.

It seems to be a common theme presenting itself to me over and over again as I navigate the newness of the empty nest.

Recently, I shared a very private but relevant story about how setting expectations with my son prior to parents’ weekend may have prevented me from experiencing hurt feelings. It may have also prevented my son from feeling badly when I shared with him the disappointment and hurt that had been caused by what seemed to be his lack of paying attention during the weekend at his university.

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36902862 - vintage picture style of new smart phone with old telephone on white background. new communication technology.If you read my three-part blog on what I learned from my sons’s college orientation, then you remember I addressed managing expectations. This is exactly what I want to chat about today.  However, for this newsletter, I wanted to focus on just one:

The expectation around communication with your college student.

Please understand that your college student is in a new environment trying to figure out his or her new normal just as we are,

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It’s finally here…Move-in day for your college students!

This is the day your sons and daughters have been looking forward to for years.  You, on the other hand, may dread it and have flashbacks of college orientation.

Although the day may be filled with much anticipation and excitement; it can also bring on feelings of anxiousness and sadness.

Read on to learn nine tips for moving your college students to school.

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